Design of art district corner in kindergarten

Setting up an art area for preschool can be an exciting way to get them excited about exploring their creative potential. With some basic supplies, you can create an inviting and safe environment where your kids can express their imaginations and have fun! In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of setting up a fantastic art area for your preschoolers.

This paper mainly analyzes the guiding strategies of the design of the art area for preschool, combines the current development of the design of the kindergarten art district corner, and carries out in-depth research and exploration from the deficiencies of the design of the art area corner and the guiding measures of the design of the art district corner, so as to better promote the development and progress of the design of the kindergarten art district corner.

Under the influence of the new curriculum reform, preschool education has been widely concerned and valued by people. In order to realize children’s all-around development, kindergartens need to carry out various educational activities based on interval interaction. The art section design can create good practice and hands-on space for children, making children actively participate in activities, and then create conditions for the expansion of shanghai classroom teaching. However, under the influence of relevant factors, there are some deficiencies in the design of fine arts in kindergartens, which need to be well researched and solved by educational personnel.

art area for preschool

Deficiencies in the design of the art district

Despise cognitive level

At present, some kindergartens in the art district corner design period, lack serious analysis and consideration of children’s age characteristics. At the same time, children are relatively young and have a strong difference in cognition compared with older college students. Therefore, if children’s cognitive level is not paid attention to during the design period of the art center and only based on their own experience, children will usually fail to understand the significance and content of the design.

In addition, due to the lack of art corner design in line with children’s age elements, making the content and children’s life and learning lack of good connection, can not improve children’s learning enthusiasm, for children’s physical and mental development is not a good guide.

Lack of pertinence

The main meaning of art area design is usually to ensure that children get good and healthy development during the interval activities. And some classes in the corner design period lack pertinency, so some teachers in the art section design process for the corner lack of scientific layout, and the scope of activities does not meet the corresponding standard needs, making children’s activities lack space.

At the same time, during the design of the art center, safety is ignored. Because the children are young, their own safety is not guaranteed during the activity, and these factors also hinder the healthy development of children.

art area for preschool

Design guidance measures for art district corners

Combined with the characteristics of children design art area for preschool

During the implementation of education for children, teachers need to take children as the main body of education and carry out scientific and reasonable educational activities according to children’s interests and hobbies.

Therefore, in order to achieve the healthy growth of children, teachers need to conduct a comprehensive observation of children during the education period and understand and master children’s interests, which is also one of the main contents of the art corner design.

At the same time, there is a big difference between children in terms of age, so the design of the art area corner needs to ensure that the materials used effectively meet the relevant characteristics of children’s age so that children have a strong interest in the materials used.

For example, during the period of preventing materials from being used in the art section of children in small classes, teachers should prepare materials such as pastes, paints, and rubbings according to the actual teaching needs to ensure that children can choose the corresponding activities independently.

When preparing materials for senior class children, we can ensure that the materials have strong creativity, such as sketch paintings, gouache pigments, and various waste papers, which can effectively promote the rapid improvement of children’s hands-on practice ability and creativity, so that their performance ability and creativity can be rapidly developed and improved.

art area for preschool

The multifunctional development of the Art district corner

During the design period of the art section, the kindergarten wants to promote children’s interest in the art area, which can promote the rapid improvement of its versatility during the design period. This can ensure that children participate in art activities, combined with their own interests in painting, decoration activities, and through mutual cooperation to make handmade so that art activities are extremely diverse.

Therefore, teachers need to ensure that the art area has strong versatility, and then ensure that children can combine their own interests and hobbies to carry out a variety of activities.

For example, during the period of art center design, teaching materials such as albums, pictures, and colored paper are scientifically placed in the decoration corner, so that children have the enthusiasm of processing and innovation of various foods, and then the practical ability is rapidly improved; Among them, materials such as fuel and crayons can also be placed in the painting corner to provide good conditions for children to carry out painting activities, so as to promote the full play of their imagination and form a good painting ability.

In addition, still can use the corresponding waste teachers guide students to create good, such as the children more understanding and familiar objects selection and creation, such as waste paper, bottles, etc.), and the adornment with paint can effectively promote the children’s comprehensive ability to promote comprehensive, this is also the main foundation and comprehensive development of children.

During the design of the art district corner, in order to achieve better development of children, we should also create the corresponding cooperation corner. How to ensure that children from a more perfect sense of teamwork in practice, and on this basis to promote the rapid improvement of their comprehensive ability?

The design of this multi-functional art area for preschool can ensure that children have rich choices during the implementation of art activities so that their interest in art learning can be rapidly promoted, which can also better promote the healthy development of children’s bodies and minds.

art area for preschool

Improve the suitability of corner materials

Usually, children are relatively young, which makes them love and pay attention to what kind of animation and cartoon images, and even have the corresponding affinity. Therefore, during the selection of materials for use in the art area, teachers can use a large number of semi-finished animation products according to children’s interests and hobbies, so as to attract children’s attention and promote their interest in art activities.

However, when choosing various cartoon characters, teachers also need to make good and scientific choices and use cartoon image materials that can promote the healthy development of children, so as to prevent their influence on the healthy development of children. In addition, children should also be combined with their real-life experience to have a strong interest and hobby items for selection.

Such as:
Current “pleasant goat” cartoons and the pig page belong to the play more hot stage, so the teacher can be the basis of the pleasant goat and sheep, pigs, and other cartoon characters to choose and use page, make sure that young children can be better after through hands-on practice to display of characters, but also ensure its relatively good and in-depth to participate in art activities,
Make the kindergarten art district corner effect to get an overall development and progress.

Another example: teachers can prepare a large number of kite-making materials in the corner of the art area, and make use of children’s teamwork method to make kites, so as to promote the rapid formation of children’s spirit and awareness of mutual cooperation.
In addition, the use of scientific and reasonable art materials can be combined with the gender characteristics and interests of boys and girls.

For example, when promoting girls’ interests and hobbies, teachers can prepare more abundant puppet toys as materials;
Other materials are used in combination with the boy’s interests. Through this model can promote children’s interest and enthusiasm on the basis of the promotion of children’s overall development also has a more positive role.

Therefore, teachers need to promote the suitability of materials during the design of the kindergarten art corner.

art area for preschool


With the gradual deepening of education reform, people’s demand for preschool education is also rapidly increasing, which to a certain extent makes the previous preschool education demand comprehensive innovation and reform.

In the kindergarten art area design period, in order to solve the problems, teachers also need to improve the suitability of corner materials, combined with children’s characteristics of the design of the art corner, and other methods to promote the rapid improvement of the science of the art corner, and then to provide good conditions and basis for the comprehensive development of children.

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