Playground Design

Indoor Playground Design

Kids’ indoor playground is an area where children can play roles with various materials to reflect social life. Teachers can choose different playing materials and design different role play areas according to children’s age, interests, and life experience.

School Playground Equipment

Children of different ages have different hobbies and are relatively interested in different play facilities, and almost all children who are not in school will like slides. Colorful collocation is not only loved by children but also can effectively relieve visual fatigue. Heiyne Group offers professional 3D views, and fast delivery of durable outdoor playsets, swings, slides, and other play structures.

Activity Room Design

The kindergarten activity room is a place to stimulate children’s interaction and participation. It can let children learn knowledge in activities and stimulate children’s interest in science and new things. The main functional spaces with different attributes are the painting room, music room, science room, sports room, reading room, etc.

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