Kindergarten outdoor games to relieve children’s anxiety

The preschool outdoor games are children’s favorite activities. Making full use of outdoor venues to carry out a variety of games can effectively attract children’s attention, help children have calm and happy emotions, eliminate children’s fear, let children experience the joy of play, and relieve children’s anxiety about entering the park. This paper expounds on the causes of children’s separation anxiety when they are separated from their parents, analyzes how to use parent-child games and regional games to relieve children’s pressure, and studies the impact of outdoor playgrounds on children’s anxiety.

preschool outdoor games

Reasons for children's anxiety about entering kindergartens

Every Year in September is the time for kindergarten freshmen to enter the school, originally in the arms of parents or parents holding smiling children in the kindergarten after being sent to the mood began to be wrong, began to cry and make, holding the hands of parents do not want to let their parents leave.

These children just entered kindergarten mood is very unstable, crying and noisy, unwilling to communicate with people, and even some children will appear restless sleep, loss of appetite, even hunger strike performance. This kind of children’s physical and psychological abnormal reaction is caused by the new environment, we call it children’s kindergarten anxiety.

Kindergarten separation anxiety is one of the most common psychological problems among new kindergarten children.
In kindergarten, children need to be exposed to a new environment, new people, and more importantly, children begin to experience the emotional changes and inner pain brought by the separation from parents for the first time, and the degree of anxiety once too high, but also seriously affect children’s physical and mental health development.

preschool outdoor games

The causes of children’s anxiety in kindergarten analysis, mainly the sudden change in children’s surrounding environment. Children grow up under the care of their parents and family members. When they suddenly enter a completely unfamiliar environment, every child is equal and no one will receive special treatment. When a child moves from the unique environment of the family to the unfamiliar and unprivileged environment of kindergarten, there are bound to be emotional swings.

Preschool teachers in the face of children if always put on a very serious expression, which will undoubtedly aggravate the fear of children in kindergarten. Therefore, we should not only provide material and security guarantees to children but also respect children’s freedom and emotional needs, so that they can feel the warmth of home in the strange environment of kindergarten, so as to relieve their discomfort.

preschool outdoor games

Use games to relieve children's anxiety

Mr. Chen Heqin thinks: “Children are born active, is the game for life. Play can relieve tension and bring great joy to young children.” Therefore, the activities of the small class should be based on preschool outdoor games. According to the psychological characteristics of small-class children, we carry out a variety of plays and activities to help children eliminate the fear of an unfamiliar environment, ease the anxiety of children entering kindergarten, and help children take the first step into kindergarten smoothly.

Specifically preschool outdoor activities like finger games, structure games, outdoor sports, and music games are more suitable for small classes. The theme of the game should be simple, the game materials should be sufficient, and the game time should be adjusted according to children’s interests. When young children are engaged in interesting game activities, they will have a calm and happy mood.

preschool outdoor games

Fun parent-child games to close the distance between children and teachers

In order to help children get familiar with the new environment as soon as possible, parents can be organized to accompany their children to the garden to participate in parent-child games at the beginning of the school year, realizing the connection between homes and reducing children’s fear of kindergarten. Children accompanied by parents, and close play with teachers, will eliminate children’s fear of the teacher, gradually dilute the anxiety of separation from parents, so that children’s attachment to parents imperceptibly transitions to the attachment to the teacher, and stabilize children’s emotions.

Diversified regional games make children feel the joy of kindergarten life

At the beginning of kindergarten, a variety of regional game spaces can be created to enhance children’s sense of security, distract children’s attention, release children’s anxiety, and naturally attract children to game activities. For children from the family to kindergarten, there should be a process of adaptation. We encourage children to bring their favorite toys and other daily necessities to the kindergarten and put them in the corresponding area. By playing with and playing with them, children’s restlessness can be relieved and the tension brought by an unfamiliar environment can be reduced.

The effect of outdoor games on the alleviation of park entry anxiety

According to incomplete statistics, found that most of the children in the outdoor, especially good mood, the number of crying is the least, but as long as a house, will start to cry again.

preschool outdoor games

If I was a child, came to a strange place, in the face of unfamiliar people, and was shut in a big room, how would the mood be?

  • Must be anxious!
  • Because I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t know how to do it.
  • I started thinking, why do children relax in nature?
  • Because they are programmed to interact with nature.
  • When they enjoy playing in nature, they will forget the worries in their mind and let themselves relax.
  • When their mind is with nature, they feel free and relaxed.

The outdoor game with alternating movement can relax children’s nervous moods. Because the indoor space is relatively closed, children will be unfamiliar with and produce tension and insecurity, therefore, small class activities should be carried out outdoors. Specifically, suitable for outdoor activities are morning exercises, walking, playground equipment, music games, and so on.

At the same time, but also appropriate to increase outdoor activity time, such as the extension of morning exercise time, increasing the number of walks, increasing planting time, increasing the playtime of large outdoor toys, playground, balcony, corridor, and other space can be fully used. After observation, it is found that in outdoor activities, children are usually more relaxed and happy, with a higher initiative to participate in activities, and conflicts between children are less.

preschool outdoor games

Outdoor playtime, Organizing children to play preschool outdoor games, children can enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the sunbath, at the same time, outdoor play, open vision, happy mood, can give full play to the imagination, conducive to children’s physical and mental development. According to the age characteristics of small-class children, you can use outdoor unpowered amusement equipment to let children climb, slide and run, and a variety of interesting activities can make children temporarily forget the distress of missing their parents.

In addition, you can make full use of the site resources, create a certain game scene, and organize children to carry out some outdoor parallel games; In order to maintain children’s strong interest in activities, flexibly use the principle of playing more than one thing and alternating movement. Rich game activities, not only exercise the children’s bodies but also let the children familiar with the kindergarten environment, relieve the pressure of children entering the kindergarten, enjoy the joy of activities, and really fall in love with the kindergarten.

Playing in nature is the best way to adapt to the park. The concrete of the city makes people more and more distant from their instincts. Children grow up attached and interacting with objects other than trees, streams, animals, and the sky, but only with caregivers. And in kindergarten, we can help children to adjust the attachment object to a new channel, the attachment to people into all things in nature, at this time, children feel surprised, moved, relaxed, but also satisfied.

preschool outdoor games

The most immediate result is that the children quickly fall in love with the kindergarten, and they look forward to the daily life of the kindergarten. Because here, they enjoy their childhood and become one with everything. In this way, the children in the embrace of nature gradually fell in love with the kindergarten.

The Latin, child means freedom. Freedom is the essence and nature of children’s existence, and freedom is also the nanny and field created by children. At the same time, children are natural inquirers. Montessori said that children are god’s spies; In nature, Suhomlinsky asserts, children are explorers. Children are philosophers because of their inquiring nature, which makes them wonder about the world around them. In addition, children are natural players, and play is another nature of children, which is their way of learning, working, and living. The spirit of play grows in games, and the phenomenon of “flow” generated by games will also bring children into a state of innovation.

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